About Us

A chance to WIN YOUR DREAM DIESEL TRUCK with every purchase.  That’s our promise to you here at Prime Driven Diesel!  Whether you are buying one of our cool shirts, hats, hoodies or anything else on our website, every $1 you spend gets you awesome merch and 1 automatic entry to win one of our awesome giveaway trucks… for free. 

We started out building cars over 10 years ago over here in the sleepy little town of Stanhope, NJ.  In 2017, we started giving cool cars away as a way to give back to our awesome customers and their friends and after doing that for a while, our customers started asking us to start giving away cool trucks too… so that’s exactly what we are doing!  Over the last 26 months, we have already given away 8 of our famous Toyota MR2’s, one Evo 9 MR, an R32 GT-R, an STI and an S2000. If you still want to know more about us, just do a quick search for "PrimeDriven" anywhere on the internet and see for yourself. We have been featured on Jalopnik, Road and Track, Grassroots Motorsports Magazine as well as Regular Car Reviews Youtube channel, Tavarish Youtube channel and Matt Maran Motoring Youtube channel.  We're car guys and truck guys who give away awesome cars and trucks.  Enjoy.