Giveaway TRUCK GIVEAWAY #5 is LIVE‼!
DEADLINE to ENTER is September 2nd at 11:59pm!
EVERY PURCHASE you make gives you a CHANCE TO WIN!!! Seriously.
Now, I know what you're thinking... A FREE Truck? Sounds too good to be true right? You've got questions. I get it. So, would I. So, I thought I would just answer your questions below, right here and right now. Feel free to shoot us a message or an email if you have any other questions. We are happy to answer them anytime.  
  1. "How do I know this isn't FAKE? I see these things online all the time. It can't be real."
Answer:  That’s a totally legitimate question and we get it all the time.
Well, this is not fake and we are definitely for real. In fact, we started out building cars over 10 years ago over here in the sleepy little town of Stanhope, NJ. These days, we mostly just sell Toyota MR2 parts and JDM themed merch online but every couple months we build and giveaway a car as a way of giving back to all of our awesome customers and their friends. Over the last 28 months, we have already given away 8 of our famous Toyota MR2’s, one Evo 9 MR, an R32 GT-R, an STI, an S2000 and an Evo X, R35 GT-R, STI Hawkeye, EVO 8, R32 GT-R, STI Blobeye, S200, Bayside Blue Skyline and a Celica GT-Four WRC.
If you still want to know more about us, just do a quick search for "PrimeDriven" or "PrimeMR2" anywhere on the internet and see for yourself. We have been featured on Jalopnik, Road and Track and Grassroots Motorsports Magazine along with Regular Car Reviews Youtube channel, Tavarish Youtube channel and Matt Maran Motoring Youtube channel. We're car guys who give away cars. That's it. 
  1. "What about TAXES and SHIPPING? I mean nothing in life is really FREE."
Answer: We get this one all the time and good news... we've got you covered. That's what the CASH is for. You will even have a little bit left over for some fun spending money on your new ride.
  1. "Who are the previous winners?  Show me proof you actually give these cars away."
Answer:  If you want to check out our past winners, keep scrolling down or hop on our website past winners page linked below and go check them out on social.  They post pictures using their cars on their accounts and we put their handles on our website, so people can ask them for themselves if we really give these cars away. 
  1. "I'm interested, but what are the specs bro?"
Answer: Ask and yee shall receive. See the build sheet on the Giveaway Page. We build our cars to actually be driven, (not to sit in trailers or at car shows, since they can't even enter a driveway without ripping off part of the body kit). Our customers just want something fun, fast and usable in the real world. Not a show car trailer queen. 
SEE what our PAST WINNERS have to say. 👇👇
Spoiler alert! Winning a FREE TRUCK is AWESOME!

Check out our winners below!!!

"This is literally the best Christmas present ever!!!"
- Ben F. (Diesel Giveaway #1 Winner) 🏆

"This is Freaking Bad@$$!!!"
- Marc B. (Diesel Giveaway #2 Winner) 🏆

"I can't believe it! Can't wait to break her in!"
- Tye J. (Diesel Giveaway #3 Winner) 🏆

"I bought a t-shirt and now I have one of the coolest trucks I've ever seen!"
- Cameron K. (Diesel Giveaway #4 Winner) 🏆

Check out our winners below!!!
"I bought a couple things off of the website and won this awesome car."
- John S. (Giveaway #1 Winner) 🏆
"I want to thank Prime for letting me become a part of this brotherhood of awesome cars."
- Aaron W. (Giveaway #2 Winner) 🏆
"Didn't even plan on winning the car. Just ordered some parts for my other MR2 and was totally blown away when it actually happened."
- Matthew S. (Giveaway #3 Winner) 🏆
“It can happen guys. It’s just a dream come true.”
- Scott D. (Giveaway #4 Winner) 🏆
“I was so excited, I literally threw up 3 times this morning before I got on the plane to come get the car.”
-Joe D. (Giveaway #5 Winner) 🏆
“I can’t believe I actually won something for the first time in my life!”
-Fabian Q. (Giveaway #6 Winner) 🏆
“You won’t understand the car until you drive it. It’s so awesome!”
-Joe K. (Giveaway #7 Winner) 🏆
“I can’t believe I won this car. All I bought was a couple T-shirts and this hat!”
-Vinnie M. (Giveaway #8 Winner) 🏆
"It's insane. I bought some really cool shirts and won an Evo 9 MR + $5,000 cash! Not to mention, the guys at Prime are the nicest real car guys I have ever met."
-James H. (Giveaway #9 EVO 9Winner) 🏆
“It’s amazing.  So, if you’re thinking about it, do it.  Hopefully, one of you is lucky enough to have the same outcome as me.” 
-Danny R. (Giveaway #10 GT-R Winner) 🏆
“It’s an unbelievable experience.  Feeling so blessed right now.  Thank you to the guys at Prime.” 
-Angelo C. (Giveaway #11 S2000 Winner) 🏆
“Super happy to be out here.  I didn’t expect to win at all.  It’s so awesome.” 
-Drew C. (Giveaway #11 STI Winner) 🏆

“It’s one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me.  Just a dream come true literally.”
-Matt P.  (Giveaway #12 EVO X Winner) 🏆

“What can I say... this literally blew my mind.”
-Jaad C.  (Giveaway #13 GT-R Winner) 🏆

“It just doesn't feel real... I can't believe I won this car!”
-Mike D.  (Giveaway #14 STI Winner) 🏆
I'm glad you asked. It's pretty simple.
Step 1: Hop on our website
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Step 3: Hit that "Check out" button and get automatic entries for every dollar you spend.
GIVEAWAY #5 is LIVE!!! Win our Cummins Diesel plus $5000 cash!
DEADLINE to ENTER is September 2nd at 11:59pm!
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