Wheel Cleaner 16oz

Diesel Swag for 19 Dollars

Our Fallout Remover is pH Neutral formula that changes colors to let you know when the product is ready to be washed off. 

This product is safe to use for all types of wheels like steel, alloy, chrome, powder coated, painted, uncoated and anodized aluminum as well.

Do you have burnt on brake dust? This will take care of that problem quickly, the product effortlessly loosens and removes the burnt on brake dust as well as stubborn grime, oil, grease, and other road contaminates. 

Directions: Simply spray our fallout remover straight onto your dry wheel, let the product work for 1-5 minutes, once the product turns red, that will mean the product is ready to be washed off, simply rinse off thoroughly for a clean and contaminate free wheel. Quick tip: Do not wet the wheel first as the water will dilute the product. For the best overall performance just spray it onto a dry and cool wheel.

Ready to use Formula

Color: Pink

Fragrance: Cherry